My dear fellow sisters and colleagues, my name is Lara D’Souza and I am 22 years old.  I wish to share my experience with Marley Spoon with all of you, as it helps me in making my life easier and make everybody around me happier.  I used to live in Sydney with my parents, however, for further studies, I have to shift to Brisbane with my Aunty, who is well settled in Brisbane and worked for a Government Office in a Senior Post.  She lives alone and most of the time, she used to dine out either in her office or with some friends.  However, I being lived with my parents, loves homemade food and occasionally goes out for dine out.   This could have been a big problem for me, but thanks to my mother, who had already advised the remedy of this problem. 

As soon as I arrived at my aunt’s house, the first thing after setting my room is to start looking to Marley Spoon Website and start watching their offering.  There is a variety of special deals and discounts on receipts in the form of Marley Spoon Discount CodeThere is one week left in the opening of the University and I have to spent one week at home.  My aunt used to leave for office at 08:00 in the morning with tea only and has her breakfast and lunch in her office.  During the entire week, my aunt never eat her food in the home and I have to live on only bread and egg with tea or coffee for 3 days.  After three days,, I decided to go for the Marley Spoon and have some good food.  In the morning, I orders some chicken items for the lunch, with the excitement of having delicious food after 3-4 days.

The delivery was made exactly at 01.00 p.m. and the quantity of the food is enough for a single individual. Even I can eat it in the evening as well.   The cost of the order was also reasonable and I feel bad of why not avail the facility of having excellent food for 3 days.  The smell of the food itself and the presentation was unbelievable and I feel proud of having the tasty food, while sitting at home.

Some of the food was left, and I kept it in the freezer for later part of the day.   I slept in the afternoon, and when I wake up, I saw my aunty eating the food.  As she see me, she immediately asked as who made the food.  When I told her about Marley Spoon, she was very upset of not being the knowledge of this excellent facility.  She again pushes to order something for the dinner as well, and I have no complaint about it.  I rushed to the Marley Spoon Website and select some more of my favorite recipes for the dinner.  As the delivery was made, the response of my aunty was unbelievable.  She was shocked with the smooth and timely delivery and presentation of the food.

The impact of Marley Spoon is that my aunty never go out to dinner until I was there for two years, and later on she continues to enjoy Marley Spoon even in the office as well.


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